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Oct 19

Put Me in the Paper, ABMiVers…

I started this project about a year ago, with the hopes of doing a bit of writing, making a few jokes, and telling people what was on my mind. ABMiV was founded on letting people know what was new, telling the stories that hadn’t been (or wouldn’t be), with a unique take looking at the lighter side of things. And making fun of them. 

My focus was as ambitious as any site out there, in regards to breadth of scope. I wanted the freedom to discuss all my passions, so I focused on everything from art to current events; from business to food, and everywhere in between.

However, the major topics around here have always been all matters of pop culture, the amazing city of Vancouver, and playing the titular role of A Brown Man in Vancouver. And especially sports in every way, shape, and form. 

From a young age, I have loved sports. When other kids were playing video games, I was watching the Canucks on the family TV, live from the Pacific Coliseum. I may have been the youngest, carrying member of the KVOS Jr. Canucks Fan Club, when I persuaded my parents to pay the $10 entrance fee as a four year old. When other kids were writing in their journals about riding bikes, or building a fort, I would recite scores committed to memory from the morning paper, and accompany it with the logo of both teams. 

Now, after putting this passion to more constructive means in the form of ABMiV, while garnering thousands of views, and being given countless words of encouragement, I am going to try for something bigger: The Province Newspaper

You may be familiar with the Kurtenblog, the two-headed monster of Mike Halford and Jason Brough, who talk everything Canucks over at the Province and on the air at the TEAM 1040. However, you may not know that the duo recently left to take over at NBC’s Pro Hockey Talk. Which created a vacancy over at the Province Sports. To decide who takes over, there will be a series of guest posts, by some of the best local bloggers around, over the next four weeks.

What I need for you, my loyal supporters, is some help in getting my foot in the door. Please take some time, and contact the following people in charge of the contests, via email, twitter, smoke signal, bat signal, or turn signal. Retweet, Reblog, and shout it from the rooftops. Any support helps, and if you think I would be good at this, please let em know. 

Province Sports, @provincesports

Jonathan McDonald, Sports Editor: provsports@theprovince.com, @jonnymac68

Erik Rolfsen, Online News Editor: erolfsen@theprovince.com, @erikrolfsen

Paul Chapman, pchapman@themprovince.com, @paulc14

Thanks in advance for all of your support now, in the past, and in the future!


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