A Brown Man in Vancouver

Oct 23

The ABMIV Manifesto

Il Manifesto

Or, Keeping It Brown.

I grew up with kind of a weird dynamic at home. On one hand, my Mom is from India, super traditional, but well educated and modern too. At the same time, my Father (also Indian) is a 3rd Generation Canadian, a self-proclaimed “redneck,” who is really into Elvis and Hot Rods. 

As a result, I had a real fusion of an upbringing. From a young age, I had my “brown friends” and my “white friends.” Both groups were vaguely aware of, and slightly uneasy of, the other.

In both groups I was a minority. I was simultaneously the “whitest brown guy in surrey,” and the “brownest man on the west side.” And I loved it.

What this allowed me to do was experience a wide variety of film, music, art, culture, and things I would have not been exposed to otherwise. My pop culture upbringing was just as diverse as my real upbringing.

This is a blog to express that diversity. I have a passion for Music (its cliche to say I like it all, but I appreciate most music), Movies (From indie flicks, to blockbusters) TV (ABC to Zee), and Sports (All of them. Seriously.)  I also love my home of Vancouver, and am fiercely proud of my Canadian and South Asian roots.

ABMIV is my outlet to share my perspective. 


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