A Brown Man in Vancouver

Jun 27

Wednesday Top10nesday

Well, we’re halfway to the first long weekend of the summer. Whether you got a 12 hour day like me, or a day off, take a few minutes to bask in some of the best videos the internet has to offer this week. Pretty eclectic mix this week that covers a lot of ground. Thanks for wasting some time with us. 

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Mar 26

8-Bit Movie Posters

One of the happiest days of my youth was that seemingly routine morning, when i came downstairs to find that my parents had bought me an NES. I played that thing for hours, and wish I had held on to it, if only for Blades of Steel. As such a huge fan of the genre, I have always found 8-Bit renditions of things interesting. However, this collection of movie posters really takes the cake.

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Mar 19

You Are What You Trash

This, is Ms. Suntan and she is a part of a series of photos by Singaporean photographer Az Winkie entitled “Republic of Pulau Semaku.” The collection of vignettes represents each subject’s face with a collection of trash. Aside from looking pretty cool, and having funny names, the work makes a commentary on green living and consumerism.

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Mar 05

Stefon’s Hottest Clubs in NYC Illustrated

Saturday Night Live is no longer the pinnacle of comedy that it once was. Far from its heyday when it was must see TV, modern SNL is mostly lukewarm takes on pop culture, by relatively mediocre talent (by their standards). 

But, Bill Hader’s Stefon is an absolute delight. A mix of weird club kid, and sociopathic outcast, Stefon always has the latest updates from NYC’s hottest new clubs. However, as amazing as his descriptions are, these artistic interpretations take it to the next level. 

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Feb 27

Books - Not Just For Reading, Anymore

Just when it seems that everything has been done, someone comes along and totally reinvents the wheel. What you see above is a work from Atlanta based artist Brian Dettmer, who uses tweezers, knives, and surgical tools to create incredible, multi-layered images. 

By using old encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks, and manipulating their spines, Dettmer is able to create unique designs. He carves up each book, one page at a time, and stacks different books together to lend depth. 

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