A Brown Man in Vancouver

Feb 26

Florida Sikh Man Shot in Likely Hate Crime

Just over a month after a California Gurdwara was the target of an armed robbery, a Sikh man may have been the target of a hate crime on America’s other coast. Last Saturday, around 11 p.m., 46-year-old Kanwaljit Singh was driving home from work with his teenage son, when was approached by a dark, late model Ford F-150 near the Dunlawton Bridge of Port Orange, Fla.

The pickup opened fire on Singh’s car, unloading a total of six bullets in the driver’s side, before speeding off, and Singh stopped on the bridge. Only then did he realize that he was shot, twice: once in the thigh and once in the torso. Mercifully, the 13-year-old boy was uninjured. Singh was rushed to Halifax Health Medical Center, where he remains in critical condition after regaining consciousness Sunday night.

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Jun 21

Two Links, One Post: Drugs

They’re everywhere: in school, in government, probably even at your house. That’s right the multi-billion dollar drug industry is just about anywhere you look. Both the legal and illegal sides of the coin are thought provoking, interesting, and mildly taboo making it the perfect subject for this week’s edition of TLOP. Cheers.

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Mar 06

Seattle to Create Food Forest

Seattle has always had a liberal spirit, and been progressive, and even on the cuttign edge is many areas: music, industry, and even green initiatives. Recently, the city announced funding for America’s first public food forest.

Essentially, the city will create a heavily wooded park full of edible roots, shrubs, fruits, and vegetation that can be consumed by anyone. Although it is a highly utopian ideal, the park has secured funds to start the sustainable project, as well as tentative plans for expansion should it be a success.

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Dec 12

What’s More Dangerous: Drunk Drivers? Or Stoned Ones?

It’s the Christmas season, which means work parties, cocktails, and of course, road blocks. With some of the toughest drunk driving laws in North America, BC leads the way in cutting down on impaired drivers on the road. It is estimated that these drivers cost our province upwards of a billion dollars per year, not to mention the incalculable devastation caused to families of the victims.

But alcohol isn’t the always the drug of choice. For many British Columbians partaking in the $6 billion marijuana industry is how they choose to get down. Some of these people will operate a vehicle under the influence, with a substantially smaller chance of getting caught compared to drunk drivers, due to no reliable testing metric being available. 

So, who is a bigger danger on the roads?

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Dec 06

Bikes Help Ease Gender Inequality in India

In some parts of India, the illetacy rate for women is twice that of men in the same area. There are numerous reasons for the dispairity: societal values, domestic expectaions, and young brides, for example.

However, sometimes the issue is much simpler than that, namely the accessibility of education. For many women, getting to school can be a difficult proposition. Added to that, many are expected to help with the household chores after class, leaving little time for studying, and leaving the girls exhausted. 

However, a simple solution to this problem has been found: bicycles. Buy providing access to two wheeled transportation, commutes have been drastically reduced, and the proof is in the numbers. Dropout rates have fallen drastically, while enrollment has tripled. Furthermore, school attendance for females is up 90%, in some cases.

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