A Brown Man in Vancouver

Feb 19

Mindy Minhas Can Flat Out Ball


In the past, I have highlighted a few up and coming basketball players who had the makings of something special, like Sim and Tanveer Bhullar, or Manroop Clair. However, these prospects were highly touted, and known quantities before I profiled them.

But I never expected to be writing this article about Mindy Minhas. That’s certainly not due to any lack of talent or ability, he possesses both in spades, but simply because I thought someone would have beat me to it…

Remember the name: Mindy Minhas is a 6’4” do-it-all, star small forward of Marpole’s Sir Winston Churchill Bulldogs, and a legitimate threat to score every time he touches the ball. Just check out this stat line: 35 PPG, 10 RPG, & 6 APG. That is simply outrageous for high school; I mean we’re talking almost a triple double EACH GAME. He can shoot the lights out, handles like a Ferrari, and plays big in the paint. And he’s only in Grade 11. 

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Jun 25

Remember the Name: Jujhar Khaira

With the second pick of the third round of this past Saturday’s NHL Entry Draft, the Edmonton Oilers made Jujhar Khaira the 63rd overall pick. The emerging power forward can play either Left Wing or Centre, and depending on who you ask, he stands anywhere from 6’2”-6’4” and weighs as much as 200lbs. Big for a man, huge for an eighteen year old.

Ironically, Khaira was once considered too small for the game, and went unselected in the WHL draft. Forced to play in the BCHL, Khaira had a breakout sophomore season with the Prince George Spruce Kings, cracking the top 10 in league scoring, while becoming the highest ranked BCHL player by NHL Scouting (74th overall). 

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Sep 06

Manroop Clair is the Truth

Go ahead and grab a pen and piece of paper, because you are going to want to write this name down: Manroop Clair. The sweet shooting, South Asian sensation, from South Burnaby is poised to blow up basketball world this year. 

The 17 year-old Clair, a shooting guard who MAKES a thousand jumpers a day, and has drawn comparisons to Jimmer Fredette and Steph Curry, is currently the #9 ranked player nationally, and #2 at his position. He was one of the big stories out of the 2011 Las Vegas Live AAU tournament, which showcases the best high school aged ballers in North America. For the season, Clair averaged 30 ppg, while connecting on 46% of his 3pt attempts, many of which were far beyond the arc. 

A longtime member of the DRIVE Basketball AAU team, Clair would be the highest rated player in the province this year, had he chosen to stay at home. However, he has decided to take the more direct path to stardom, by enrolling at La Jolla Prep, a Southern California Prep academy. 

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Jul 07

Canadians Be Ballin’ - Sim Bhullar Update

Here is a rough timeline of basketball in Canada: 1891 -The game of basketball is created, by James Naismith of Almonte, ON. 1983 - Leo Rautins is the first Canadian selected in Round 1 of the NBA Draft. 2006 - Steve Nash becomes the only Canadian NBA MVP, and one of only 12 players ever to win more than once. 2011 - Tristan Thompson (#4 overall) and Corey Joseph (#29 overall) become the first Canadians selected in the same NBA Draft, First Round.

So basically, over 120 years of basketball in Canada, we have four notable moments. But you may have noticed that three of them, happened in the last 28 years, and two over the last 5 years. So clearly, Basketball Canada is on the upswing. The anecdotal evidence of this was on display at the FIBA U19 Championships in Riga, Latvia. Including 7’4” Sim Bhullar, from Toronto, and part of the South Asian community.

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Feb 12

Two Links, One Post

Today’s all video serving of Two Links, One Post is sports, in particular, basketball. Highlights include: an NBA rookie having some fun, and the 8th grader that will save Basketball Canada.

Landry Fields Works a Shift at Modell’s Sports

Working under the pseudonym Leroy Jenkins (shoutout to you WoW nerds), New York Knicks rookie Landry Fields tries to convince customers to buy the brand new Landry Fields’ Knicks jersey. Not only does nobody recognize him, nobody even buys one. Funny guy though, makes a great clip. On a sidenote: are the Knicks so bad that they mass produce the jersey of the 39th overall pick? (via Urlesque)

Jamar Ergas is an 8th Grade Beast

Out of Toronto, Jamar Ergas is the latest in a increasingly long line of supreme talents out of the Grassroots Canada AAU program. Ergas has already won High School dunk contests aa a 14 year old, going up against guys four years older than him. Theyoung man will be following his AAU coach to a North Carolina prep school this fall, with the hopes of securing an ACC scholarship. Peep the video below where Ergas throws down tomahawks, reverse dunks, and a 360 IN A GAME. (via Yahoo)

(image via NBA)